Kitty Ensminger


Kitty Ensminger

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Mission, Outreach & Stewardship Ministry Team

Re-typed 2-25-2015


  1. To be responsible for charitable programs and to investigate charity cases (with the Pastor) being in charge of such funds as are approved by the Session.
  2. Recommend to the Session: Faith missions and Second Mile giving projects and if approved, promote these projects.
  3. Serve as liaison between the CPW and the Session coordinating the overall mission of the church.
  4. Suggest policy to the Church Session concerning all outreach and evangelistic endeavors of the church such as revivals, visitation, and general publicity, etc.
  5. Carry out the directives of the Church Session regarding evangelistic and outreach activities.
  6. Plan and in November of each year carry out an annual stewardship emphasis in the church to enlist every member and those who attend, the church work. (note: the promotion of the budget should be published and promoted during the month of November with the approval of the Session).
  7. Suggest to the Session policy governing the stewardship program of the church.
  8. Make recommendations to the Session concerning the proper use and acknowledgment of memorial gifts to the church.
  9. Enlist members of the congregation for work in the evangelistic actives of the church under the oversight of the Session and the Pastor.
  10. Communicate with the congregation concerning the finances of the church by quarterly meetings and/or email.